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MMOGOLOGY is a space for academic discourse related to online gaming communities. While it has a primary focus of exploring topics through the lens of the social sciences, all academic fields are welcome.


Judith Williams has been involved with online game communities since the early 2000s. Her past work includes video game feature articles, reviews, and interviews with industry professionals for sites such as MMORPG.com and IGN Vaultnetwork. In addition, she has contributed short stories, articles, and screenshots to Equinox, the official Everquest 2 magazine. Williams participated in the Everquest 2 Guide Program, conducting live events, acting as quest coordinator, and writing and approving in-game live events.

Williams has worked as a curator, curatorial research assistant, and in digital media within the museum field. Additionally, she has experience with image copy right acquisition, databases, exhibit design, and educational planning and programming. 

Her academic studies include research in digital history and adaptation, as well as anthropological studies on the culture of massively multi-player online roleplaying games. In 2015, Williams graduated from the University of Missouri, St. Louis with an M.A. in history and a graduate certificate in museum studies, an interdisciplinary program within the anthropology and history departments. In 2012, Williams earned a B.A. in anthropology and sociology from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, where she has also completed graduate coursework in English education and writing.

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Recent Publications:

"Little Things Mean a Lot," Fudoki Magazine, June 13, 2020 (Flash Fiction)

"Dark Thoughts," AHF Magazine, Issue: 7,  April 26, 2019 (Science fiction short story)

"Game of Thrones: A Rhetorical Analysis," Cinematic Codes Review, Issue: Spring 2018

Past Publications and Samples:

Links to Equinox: Official Everquest II Magazine (2007):

Soul's Keep: Fiction: Short Story

Guild Bill of Rights: Fiction: Humor

Other Samples:

A Vade Mecum for the New Adventurer

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