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My Introduction to the Guild Wars 2 Community

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

There is something about starting a new game for the first time that is very exciting yet mysterious. Maybe it’s because you are diving head first into an entirely unknown world, not exactly knowing what adventures lie ahead of you. What different places does this new world have to offer? Are you going to have good or bad experiences on your journey? What will be the first thing you are expected to do when you enter the game? How the heck do you work these controls?

he Grove (Capital City of the Sylvari Race)

Being a new player in an MMORPG, like Guild Wars 2, can be kind of awkward at first. Here I am, a newbie placed in an already established community full of players who know every nook and cranny of the game. I expected it to take a while before I could even take part in quests with other players because I felt like I didn’t know enough yet. However, to my surprise, I was actually playing with others within my first hour of the game. Guild Wars 2 has map events where anyone in a certain area can come together and cooperate to achieve a common goal. Pretty soon, I was killing low level fireflies and gathering their loot with other players. It didn’t really matter how small of a contribution someone made because everyone was rewarded for their efforts.

Of course, that was only the first of many map quests yet to come for me. Those small events that I took part in with a couple of others eventually turned into big boss battles with around thirty or more players involved at the same time. Also, Guild Wars 2 scales everyone’s level down to fit the surrounding area, so for all I know, I could’ve been fighting with newbies like myself or highly experienced players. In the end, exactly who I was playing with didn’t matter. We all shared the common goal of taking the big baddie down and gaining some sweet, sweet loot.

Wychmire Swamp Boss Fight

Map quests are one area where Guild Wars 2 succeeds in encouraging cooperation. Players of any experience can come together and contribute to something without having to worry about certain people being overpowered. And, if someone happens to be defeated in the middle of battle, other players can revive them. It’s not required and can be kind of risky when there are a lot of enemies in the area, but I have seen a lot of people do it anyway. Considering I have been downed quite a bit during my play sessions, this is something I’m pretty thankful for. Those moments where players choose to help other players even though they don’t get much in return really stand out to me, and I certainly look forward to experiencing more moments like that in the future. Hopefully, it won’t involve me dying a lot.

~ Spoopologist

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