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Community: A Vital Aspect

Shadow of the Mad King, Lion's Arch, Guild Wars 2

In my time in Guild Wars 2, I have been focusing on the community. I have always been a fan of MMORPGs, and I have seen many rise in popularity, only to succumb to the lack of a dedicated playerbase. The social aspect of MMORPGs is why I love the genre. I love to immerse myself in a virtual world full of other people to adventure with. In my opinion, community is a vital aspect to Guild Wars 2. There are a plethora of “dynamic events” in which players work together to achieve a goal. Without other players, these events can be a pain to complete. Making friends and joining a guild is a great way to engage with the community. These in-game friends can help you quest, run dungeons and raid.

I said earlier that I enjoy playing in a world with others to adventure. When I was younger I would join guilds and actively talk with the strangers I met in-game. When I grew older I became more of a solo adventurer. Nowadays I feel lonely when I am not engaging with the people around me in the world. I like to help random strangers with challenges and to strike up conversations in chat. Joining a guild, to me is an incredible experience, but not necessary to enjoy the game. Guildmates will help with quests, events, dungeons and raids; they will also be there to talk to and hangout with in-game. They can become real friends. This adds to my immersion and love for the game. It is not necessary to be in a guild to enjoy Guild Wars 2, you can solo the content and be a lone wolf if you so choose; there are random people who can help you out.

In an Interview with one of my guildmates, we discussed community and guilds. In this interview I am “Galthanor” and my guildmate will remain anonymous as “Player.”

Galthanor: Would you say community is important to Guild Wars 2? And why?

Player: It definitely is. It’s and MMO, which are largely driven by players and how they interact with each other. Someone new may stay and play purely because they met the right people.

Galthanor: Do you think Guild Wars 2 promotes community connections? Also do you think being in a guild is a must or can one simply play solo and enjoy it?

Player: I would say so. I don’t think it’s an absolute must to be in a guild, but depends on what you want from a guild. Friends, people to help with content, and it helps the in-game experience.

Galthanor: Thank you for your answers! I really appreciate it!

It is clear that community is important in Guild Wars 2. With the people playing around you everyday, there is a new chance to make a friend, overcome a challenge and to collect sweet loot. Guild Wars 2 is a social game with a very dedicated and fun playerbase.

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