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A Little Bit of Patience Goes a Long Way...

BigYoKen stands before a portal ready to explore the world of Tyria.

How far in a video game are you willing to stretch your patience to help someone else? When I play Guild Wars 2, it is astonishing how patient people in the game can be, and what they are willing to do to help out. One day in-game, I traveled to fight a world boss, and while on my journey to fight this beast that was levels above me, I constantly died trying to get there. The mobs were very high level and would one shot me. Well, on my fifth run to get to this location, another player saw that I was downed. He came to help me up, and after helping me up, guided me to the world boss to make sure I didn’t die anymore.

After the world boss was defeated, and I had collected the loot from the massive chest that had dropped, the natural enemies that typically roamed the area respawned and killed me. Many players remained by my side, and while I told them that they didn’t have to keep picking me up, they just ignored me and picked me up anyway. This charade lasted a good 10 minutes. I got one tapped and picked back up again, over and over. The amount of patience needed to do this for someone who shouldn’t even be there in the first place has to come from the heart.

I don’t know who the person was that came to revive me, but from my heart to yours, I would like to say, thank you. You sir, are a legend.


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