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An Ethnographer's Lament

Group of Tyrian do-gooders just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting new player to offer help.

Week 15 - The Days Grow Long. . .

As I progress further into the game, I’ve started to become increasingly bored despite all of my interviews claiming that the more you play, the more fun GW2 is. I contribute this to the higher-level players of GW2. In my experience, higher-level players have negatively affected my in-game experience due to their persistent babying of the lower-level players.

I have no fun completing side missions because they are all so similar, and the main missions are few and far between. Every side quest makes me repeat some never ending, mindless task, while higher-level players “assist” us lower-level players by decimating the incoming foes and leaving no sense of challenge at all to the game.

On top of that, I have a never-ending loot archive in my back pocket, and each item has three hours of lore and critical information that I need to know to progress my story. There's so little direction from the developers that I let notification after notification build up with no idea how to get rid of them because when I open it—POOF—no more notification until I back out.

This, combined with side quests that drone along, leads to a very dull, in-game experience. I've found that, and I mean this in the kindest of ways, higher-level players are the root cause of my negative in-game experience.

As I coast through levels on the wings of public defenders, pub-stomping through lower levels where they receive praise, just to reach the end of a mission with little XP and a pile of loot in my lap. It's fun when I don't want to take the game seriously, but often, in the middle of a mission, a higher-level player will “save me” and decimate every enemy in the mission for me.

I mean, c’mon. . .


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