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Broken Metal and Torn Fabric: Repairing Armor in Guild Wars 2

During one of my weekly gaming sessions in Guild Wars 2, I pause for a moment following a particularly intense combat sequence. It takes me a minute, but I eventually realize that my pants are gone, much to my confusion. This was at the end of a session, so I leave, questioning what happened but planning on figuring it out next session. The next week rolls around. I spawn in, and am immediately faced with another combat sequence, and by the end of it, my shirt is gone as well. As it turns out, every piece of armor has a health bar or sorts, and if it is depleted, then it is destroyed and will need to be repaired.

When armor breaks, you have three options for repairing it: you can either use an instant repair canister, you can find an anvil, or you can track down a repair guy who can help you fix it all. Instant repair canisters can be bought at the gem store, achieved through certain story quests, or obtained randomly in any number of chests, such as a mystic chest or an achievement chest. They are a rare item, so the easier of the three options would be to seek out a repair guy or an anvil. Anvils can be found at the beginning of any dungeon, the beginning of any raid, and dozens of random locations scattered around the world.

Equipment repair NPCs can be found at locations on the map represented by a symbol of a broken shield that’s red. The repairs themselves are free, so the only trouble would be finding the repair station. Like most things in Guild Wars 2, the armor repair system is not well-explained or given a proper tutorial, but it’s an easy-to-use system that gives even more depth to the game as a whole. After intense scraps that include getting thrown around and roughed up, you should check your armor’s health to make sure that it will last through more battles and challenges that you’ll face. Despite my initial confusion at my disappearing wardrobe, it gave me a good laugh and proved that it’s a game with depth and surprises up its sleeve.

~ Roman Bourdage

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