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Experiencing Tyria

It's quite chilly to start out as a mesmer in Guild Wars 2. (Not MoistDan)

Hello, I'm MoistDan, a level 20 engineer. This is my first time playing an MMORPG, and I am enjoying my time doing so. Guild Wars 2, with this group of people, is a great way to get into these types of games. I typically play shooters and role-playing games.

The community of this game is totally different than anything I’m used to, and that’s definitely helping me learn the game. This game at first was very confusing and took a while to get the ball rolling for me. I am currently doing the main story quest to get my feet on the ground. I have been meeting up with people in game to level up at some points, but I’m trying to stick more to the main quest. I think it’s taken me a longer time than other people, because I haven’t really been in to play the game outside of class time.

Analyzing the game, I have noticed that there is a similar number of male and female characters in the game. While some of the starting armor can be a bit flashy, the clothing side of the game can be fairly conservative once the player gains more armor skins. There isn’t any nudity or sexual looking characters like there is in other games. In the real world, from my time playing, I have played with probably an equal number of men and women. I have been talking to a lot of characters and have found some men playing as female characters and women playing as male characters. In game, the female characters play normally as healers, and the men are more brutish and offensive players. I play as a giant, hairy character with huge horns – very intimidating since he’s about nine feet tall.

We have covered a lot of different topics in our class, but the most interesting and involved conversations are about male and female representation in game. The different types of clothes they wear, the hyper-sexualized women, the mega amplified alpha males in game – they make the class laugh. Video games are more directed towards male players, and it shows in body type, blood and gore and so on. Men are over-represented in games, and its taking away from other populations. A white male is going to be the most popular player and the most popular character in video games. I say that that should change, but I can understand, from a business standpoint, it makes sense to market to who’s going to play your game. So who is playing your game?

I love video games, and I enjoy talking about video games. I’m excited to see how these blog posts turn out and write my second one later on.

Have a good day and stay moist!

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