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Mad Festivities

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Mad King's Clock Tower in Guild Wars 2
Gumi Gopher stretches before taking on the trials of the Mad King's Clock Tower.

My character is pumped and stretching for the Shadow of the Mad King festival that is here for Halloween. I am very excited as I saw something about this being a quick-footed jumping obstacle. I don’t much care for raids or PvP.

I recently got this helmet from a main storyline quest, and I think the flare of orange in there really ties my whole outfit together. My garb used to be all green and grey to match my skin and hair, but a little hot rod red in the middle of a dense green forest really makes me stand out. I didn’t notice the character next to me had a similar color palette until I came to post it!

This is my first large event experience, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me. I am worried, however, that I might be too low of a level or of experience for most of the happenings for this Halloween extravaganza. That’s what I like about the jumping puzzles. Anyone from any level can complete it so long as they can reach it. The hard part isn’t even the jumping, it’s getting to the puzzle itself!

Gumi Gopher finds himself flying through the air with many other Tyrians at the start of "Mad King Says."

I loaded the game, and I saw more people concentrated in one spot than ever before! Everyone was in the same spot for a Halloween event in Lion’s Arch. We all stood in a circle, the ground opened up, and BOOM! We launched into the sky, and I came down as a creature that was not my character. I was running in a horde of green names and couldn’t even see myself, there were so many people.

When I finally could stray away from the sea of people, I discovered I had turned into a cute little black spider! The community in Guild Wars 2 is really a close-knit group of like-minded individuals. They are kind, caring, generous, and always willing to help each other out. Not until I was gasping for air in a flood of usernames did I feel like I truly belonged to a community.

~Gumi Gopher

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