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Not So Lonely With Friends!

Anthropology 29003 holds a class lecture in Lion's Arch.

Hi all!

So, I just recently started playing Guild Wars 2 about two months ago, but let me tell you about this journey—it was a very lonely one in the beginning. At first, I was the tree people (not down to the lore just quite yet, no judging), and so my first three weeks were miserable. Let me dive into why.

First of all, there was virtually no tutorial, and the starting point had no one. By no one, I mean, I was by myself the entire time. I had no player interaction, in this giant big bad world of Guild Wars 2, I saw absolutely no one. I was isolated, confused, most importantly, I was lonely. I was alone with countless thoughts and NPCs who repeated the same phrases and the same tactics, capture the heart, discover the map kind of thing. I thought this is how it ends, a game by myself that is supposed to be an MMO, but it became a Lonely-O (see what I did there-hah).

It was not until I hit a bright light. Something sparked—let's try humans. Well, there was actually something before that, I convinced a few of my friends to join me so I could stop my aching thoughts and endless boredom. And that, my dear players, is when things got wild. We all made humans, all with different classes and what not, and believe it not, it became...FUN.

From there, I actually saw real life players other than my friends and interviewed them on what they liked about Guild Wars 2, whether they liked the original or started on two. I even made friends outside of my group that I forced to play with me. There was one girl in particular that I fell in love with. She had this really cool boom box that was playing this 8-bit style music, and while it did not fit the theme of Guild Wars 2 what so ever, it was still awesome.

My friends and I gathered around her boom box and danced around her for at least an hour. After that, we all disconnected. The next time I logged onto the game, I received a message from her. She sent me bells, so I could make my own music. Let me just say, I have yet to have a negative experience with a player so far. No one has been "toxic," however, is it bad to say, I am actually excited to see when things get toxic?

I love seeing how players handle it. I also want to rate it: is it Siege or Overwatch, or even League, toxic? The world may never know. . . Just kidding, it knows, I just haven't gotten there yet. Moral of the story is, get friends before you join this game or be miserable. Once you introduce your friends you can branch off and make your own fun.


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