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Struggling Through Tutorials

Being a new player to the virtual world of Guild wars 2 can be a struggle, especially when you are someone who has never played a virtual world game. I have found that during my time spent playing Guild Wars 2 that there is a real lack of important instructions and a tutorial. I am not saying that the game does not have a tutorial, rather, the game lacks in necessary instructions and tutorials. Some examples of this include: how to defend yourself from an attack underwater, how to loot from your enemies that you have defeated, and how-to overall travel and use the map in the game.

I feel that players really need more instructions during this early stage of play. While playing the game I have found that things I have not been shown are usually an easy fix. So, while these examples are not hard, developing that early understanding can be difficult. When speaking to Dr. John Hopson, a user experience researcher on multiple games, he really put into perspective how games are tested so that players do not have as many struggles when a game releases.

Another struggle I have had as a new player in the game, has to do with the fact that I am conducting research as well. Because I am trying to study the people and the game in general, I cannot help but notice, just jumping into the game with no practice, that I do not know where to find actual players with whom to communicate. None of the beginning level areas have a ton of players willing to speak with me. So, it is hard to find populated player areas . I do hope to solve these issues that many players experience and become a better player through my research.


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