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The Scale of Quests in Tyria

The mega-guild VIP was kind enough to lead us on a tour of Tyria.

When starting to play through Guild Wars 2 (GW2), I was excited to be thrust into a world of monsters, magic, and quests. Yet, this excitement waned after being presented with a very extreme scaling of quests in Tyria. Starting out, I expected to be protecting NPCs from small barbarian attacks, killing grubs on a farmer’s land, and helping a fisherman catch crabs. However, as the game has progressed through my (roughly) 20 hours of play, at level 31, more than a third of the way to the level cap, I am still being given these menial quests around the world.

Even in the higher play areas for my level, I am being asked to go find random enemies on the road and kill them, or walk around and wait for land mines to appear and then press “F” to disarm them. It feels very repetitive and extremely menial. It feels as though there are no stakes, that nothing my character does really impacts the world. I’m not getting to go on epic quests yet. So, I tried to fulfill this by exploring the dungeon part of GW2.

I searched around Lion’s Arch for portals to dungeons, but wasn’t successful because I needed to find other players to join me specifically. And since it’s not a world event, I couldn’t really get people to join me. The dungeons also start at a difficulty for players of level 30, so when I wanted to attempt a dungeon at level 26, I was out of luck. Besides this, I have participated in four world boss events across three different zones. The first two bosses I fought were in lower level areas, and I was able to actually deal damage and stay alive with no trouble. I loved participating in world boss events, largely because I liked seeing so many players in one place interacting with each other.

That’s also why I enjoyed playing with the VIP guild members as they guided players to Lion’s Arch. The world bosses also provide larger scale, more tense battles, and you can obtain a lot of decent loot from them. And then I heard about the giant black dragon boss fight. I thought that sounded awesome, especially since I enjoyed the other bosses so much. Well, I was met with bitter defeat. I was killed almost immediately when I entered the area the world boss was in. I did not help in the fight at all, and spent most of my time running back to the fight after dying. I felt really useless.

Now I understand that in the level 70-80 area, I’m a bit out of my depth at level 31, but that’s still almost halfway to the level cap, and I would like to see more general quests where I’m sent off to do something great for a whole village, rather than pull weeds or rely on higher players to either guide me through a dungeon or kill a world boss for me.


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