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Virtual Research and Interviewing

Hey, it’s MoistDan again!

I have logged some more hours into the game, and I’ve started to make some decent progress. Due to other obligations, I have not have been able to play the game as much as I would like to, which is unfortunate, because I was making a lot of big moves. A couple of things that I have been able to achieve is to conduct three more interviews on top of the two I’ve already done. These were very entertaining and informative interviews. There was a lot of conversing on the game’s development. I got the chance to talk to a player who has been playing since GW1. We talked about major patches in the game, and how all of his load outs and equipment stayed with him, and how it’s on par with everyone else. For example, in games like Pokémon and Yu'-gi-ho, every generation gets stronger cards, in GW2, items don’t get a baseline buff. From this, we talked about how GW2 is able to capture and entertain their audience for years on end without major changes like a new game. Take Call of Duty, they will always have lifelong fans, but they need to release new games every few years to bump numbers up. Guild Wars has been able to release updates and patches rather than whole new games, which saves so much in terms of time and resources.

Guild Wars 2 has been a very entertaining game to play. We did a research project that consisted of observing two players, separately playing the game for an hour. As researchers, we wrote down their comments and actions. This project gave us valuable information regarding first time player’s ideas about the introduction to the game.

GW2 has been a challenging, yet rewarding video game. It makes you work for the game and think about games on a deeper level.

Stay moist!

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